DO YOU KNOW DESIGN FESTA? Design festa is the biggest art event in Asia. This is official site. Regardless of professional or amateur, many people exhibit their ART.

I enjoyed seeing their art and hoped I exhibit my art someday when I was university student. About 5 years later, I decided to enjoy the world of ART which I’ve wanted to do. I quitted a sales job.

For my first exhibition, I was drawing arts which I want to draw for three months. Draw, draw, draw, that is a lot of fun! I was convinced that “This is what I wanted to do until now”.

This is the banner advertisement my first exhibition, means “the exhibition of physical and mental health”. But arts I drew and exhibited are all I wanted to draw, so saying honestly, arts didn’t match this title.

Now mainly arts are about human heart or organ. You can understand seeing  this picture(↓)art and theme weren’t match. That said, I like these, though.

First exhibition made me excited. I enjoyed talking with many people who love ART and be interested in my art.

From this time I decided to learn hard for English. Of course, I want to talk about paintings with various people.