THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE. I wanna be an artist not only in Japan but also in the world. Even though I cannot speak English, I think that the idea which the art makes everyone fun, excited and impressed will not change. However if I can speak English, we can enjoy not only watching pictures but also conversation. To communicate with people around the world, I tell myself that I need to keep studying English.

Now I write this in English, take the speaking lesson at online, read “Yes, my accent is real.” in original. Although someone may have noticed, I love watching “The Big Bang Theory”. Of course for study.

My exhibition, perhaps you already know, is written in English as much as possible. Sometimes I have mistakes about spell, mean, etc. But I don’t care. I’m non-native. It is important to express what I want to say, than to not use English because I am worried that I am not making a mistake.